Transfer Tool Products Incorporated - Established in 1985
Developers & manufacturers of custom drawn stamping


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Transfer Tool Products offers comprehensive deep-drawn stamping services, including an in-house engineering team; highly skilled tooling staff; and state-of-the-art manufacturing. Equipment ranging in size from 15 to 800 tons allows Transfer Tool to produce parts of up to 10" in diameter and in thicknesses ranging from less than 0.010" to greater than 0.1345".

CAD ImageAt Transfer Tool Products, we believe that the best design solutions originate in collaboration. Engineering, design, tooling, and production team members work together to gain an understanding of the customer's needs. A unique manufacturing process is then designed specifically for each project.

In-house engineers design tooling for manufacturability, so parts meet customer specifications while utilizing the most cost-effective manufacturing methods. Prototype capabilities are available as required.

Die ImageTransfer Tool's experienced, highly skilled craftsmen manufacture tools that ensure repeatable part quality.
Precision tooling is forged from tool steel and carbide for optimum performance and longevity.

While Transfer Tool Products maintains all tools, customers own them. A one-time tooling fee ensures customers are not charged during the life of the part for retooling due to wear.

Press ImageOur state-of-the-art facility, skilled staff, and closely monitored manufacturing processes ensure repeatable accuracy and the highest quality parts
. Exceptional workmanship and versatility in production are combined with an ongoing commitment to invest in technology, equipment, and employee training.

Secondary operations are offered through an established network of service providers: plating, painting, deburring, finishing, assembly, heat treating, and annealing.